Tuesday Contact Bridge

Our purpose is to have fun while playing social, mixed partners, contract bridge!

Come and Join the Fun!

Enjoy the Challenge and Strategies of Contract Bridge


Our purpose is to have fun while playing social, mixed partners, contract bridge. You don’t need a special invitation (and there is no pre-registration), just come and join the fun with a wonderful group of people! All player levels are welcome!

We play four rounds of six hands each, rotating to a different partner each round. (Maximum time limit per round is 35 minutes).

You don’t have to bring a partner, but if you do, you will play with that partner the first round.

Where: Beardsley Center Card Rooms 1-2-3.

When: Tuesdays-signup begins at 11:45 AM, and play begins immediately after the tallies are issued.

Suggestion: Arrive early to insure an available table. Please note that we do not have posession of the room until 11:30 AM as there is a class in the room before us, and our staff needs time to set up the tables before signup begins. (In case of the rare instance when there is no table remaining to make a final threesome or foursome, you will not play that day, but you will be guaranteed to play the following week).

Cost: Membership cost is $5.00 per year, plus $.50 per session with a SCW Rec Card. SCW Rec Card holders may play as a guest three times for $1.00 per session before membership is required. Non-SCW rec card holders may accompany a member as a guest three times per year for $1.00 per session. 

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